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Hive640 is a smartest way to make fitness life more exciting and easier than before! Hive640 offers a wide range of Gyms and fitness studios in the UAE with flexible memberships such as daily, 5 days pass, 10 days pass and monthly pass. We also provide review and rating for each gyms/ fitness studio participating with us. Moreover, we provide great discounts for our customers.


Our Customers

Clean and operating 24/7 5/5 ⭐️ /n

Juan Vice Perez
Mar 27, 2021

My experience at Gymnation is that has been amazing it is one of the most homey gyms with the best

ACE 360
Mar 27, 2021

Im a complete gym noob, At gymnation khalidiya i felt the warm welcome. The sanitation is superb.

Gaye Tiquia
Mar 26, 2021
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